Vacuum fryer

Vacuum Fryer suit for snacks which need crispiness and preserve nutrition for long time.

Technical Specification

1. 2.0 mm. stainless steel 304 Cylinder-shaped chamber at diameter 55 cm. which is pressure resistance, capacity at 45 litre for 1 set.
2. Stainless steel no. 304 Basket inside frying chamber to fill product for frying which is diameter at 40 cm for 1 set.
3. Centrifuge system outside the chamber 1,000 RPM
4. Stainless steel lid with heat resistant lid and window
to see oil level inside.
5. 4,000 watt Heater type to generate heat inside chamber.
6. Digital controller to control temperature inside chamber up to 80 degree Celsius.
7. 100 Vacuum pump m3 / hr, can use at –500 to –600 pressure level.

Condensing unit specification

1. Moisture suction at 80 degree celsius
2. Safety control to protect water return back to the system
3. Capacity to trap dew water up to 70%, plate heat exchanger type condensing unit made from copper and niggle. Evaporator temperature at 2-9 degree Celsius.
4. Water as media to transfer in the system, water temperature is at 2-9 degree Celsius
5. 3 HP compressor 30,000 BTU/Hr, R22 refrigerant.
6. Air Cool Condensing Unit
7. Electricity power 220/1/50 and 380/3/50
8. Vacuum pump 100 m3/hr with electricity power 380/3/50